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A Grand Welcome

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever you are in the world!

First and foremost I must thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and view my blog pages. Without you I would have no reader, audience or purpose for writing about this highly personal topic. Within these pages I shall discuss my own story of being a diagnosed dyslexic, the challenges and difficulties I have faced during this time and most importantly raise awareness and support for all fellow dyslexics across the globe. I will try and keep the ranting and swearing to a minimum!

I aim to include some entries based on my own retrospective experiences of being dyslexic and some more academic-style entries discussing and exploring dyslexia as a whole. But, whatever the topic of discussion may be, I hope these posts are helpful and beneficial to you whether you yourself are dyslexic, have a dyslexic friend or family member or if you are merely curious in learning more about the dyslexic mind.

P.S. If there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors ridden within my posts, which is highly likely, then I do apologise in advance. Unfortunately spelling and proofreading are not one of my strong points. Nonetheless, on a positive note I’m so bloody relieved that this website has spellcheck.


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